Jan 11, 2012

Bass Rocket Vol. 4

Time to launch another bass rocket!

Nothing but J-Bass on this. Maybe I should say 'drum n j-bass'. All songs written, composed & produced by D.J. Kimura.
Ofcourse you should know by now that J-Bass is always a little "diff'rent", right? I also don't understand some of the titles. Track 9 is a megamix called "Nonstop the megabass" including these tracks : crash the gold - vide bass - pumpu up da bass - erotic fantasy - hyper tech bass - escape from the white man - don't get snotty & hyper tech dance. Weird! Don't you agree??
Here's the YouTube playlist:

The megabass mix was too long to upload on YouTube so I put it on zippyshare

09-AudioTrack 09.mp3

I have an idea, why don't you take a look HERE or HERE to see more of the artwork from Richard Etienne for Quest Graphics.

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