Aug 21, 2017

D.J. Magic Mike - This Is How It Should Be Done!!!

Longbox edition

I'm very sure this album needs no introduction or whatever, but I just wanted to showcase this rare longbox. I was very pleased to be able to buy this one, and I am very pleased to present the album to you on YouTube:

So many classic tracks featured!

Yep, we all know how DJ Fury replied to this one!!

(Oh! You didn't know? I'll show you in the next post then!)


Apr 17, 2017

Bass In Your Face Vol. 11 - Quad Funk Riders

And another one...

Yeah this is a cool series...  A variety of bass tracks from various label releases can be found here.

These are the songs that were not on YouTube already:

Apr 1, 2017

Bass Spin Vol. 5


Maybe it is best, because the music acutally kinda sucks! As for the artwork and all, I have no idea who did what because the whole thing is in Japanese. Anyhow, here's the album on YouTube. Good luck!


Yep, that's Bass Spin for you. I hope you enjoyed it!

Mar 12, 2017

Bass In Your Face Vol. 13 - Quad Funk All Stars

Custompaint high jumper?


Another nice jewelcase release in the Bass In Your Face series. Make sure you don't drop it because it can't be replaced so easily...

13 Tracks that should be funky on this one. Check 'em out on YouTube:


Mar 5, 2017

Bass Zeppelin - Stairway To Bass Heaven

How many more times...

... will I post horrible CD's like this? I don't know my friends, but I do know that this album sucks balls!  Maybe it could be an interesting listen if you're a Led Zeppelin fan? But I already don't like hard rock music, and I definitely don't like horrible "bass" covers. I say "bass" because this release does not have the kind of BOOM we all like, but rather "live analog mega bass" by none other than our beloved friend Camagisaw Man.

Check the title track:

Or how about Led Zeppelin's classic "Whole lotta love"?

Or "Black dog", which at least has a Miami bass like beat to it...

You like? Cool! Then it's your lucky day! There's more RIGHT HERE on my YouTube channel!
And what about that Bass Queen album? Another certified hit in the hard rock bass series. Next up: Bass Purple - Miami black night. Follow for now!

The visual producer was MASH, the design was done by Shingo Ueki and Masatoshi Ebisawa, photography by Masashige Ogata, and last but not least, the lovely model was Mei Inaba! 


Nov 11, 2016

Cover Wars Part 8 - Bass Construction VS Recone Kit

Who can work it best??

Bass Construction?

Ofcourse we all now Albert Cabrera, the One Rascal from the Latin Rascals, knows how to work his beats. And we have seen many times that he knows how to drop the bass! The Bass Construction cd (with artwork design by Lonnie Lopez & Ric Garcia, and released on Thump Records) has a lot of breakbeat heavy tracks on it! The pace really picks up as from track 7: Smerphies dance...

and you might go into a breakdance frenzy with trakcs 8 and 9...


Recone Kit?

The faceless Italian Debonaire gives us more loop theft and speaker damage on this release! With 15 tracks this cd (with cover design and graphics by Coral Reef Design) is actually NO joke, because Debonaire is armed with a sampler and dangerous...

and the bass he creates is so wicked,

you will be left with busted out woofers...

and some assembly will be required.

Hence the Recone Kit!

So? Who's the winner?? 

I think i will go for...

Bass Foundation


With artwork by Vivian Galainena for Alto Design.
Bass demolition instead of bass construction; much more fun isn't it?


Sep 30, 2016

Bass Mekanik Vision Fund

Friends, The Bass Mekanik needs help.

That's right! I'm sure many of you grew up listening to the man's music, or used his music to compete, or to show off your system. Or you just enjoyed listening to his music, whatever. Now the man needs your help! Please read this carefully and help out if you can. If you can't, please help spread the message, maybe you reach somebody who can!

The message from Bass Mekanik's gofundme page:

The Bass Mekanik needs help.
I need surgery as a last ditch option to save whats left of my eyesight.
I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t desperately urgent, but it is.
I suffer from a severe form of Glaucoma which has progressed over time to the point that if it can’t be stopped soon I will be blind.
The surgery is $11,000 and not a 100% guarantee, but it’s the only option and my only chance of retaining some workable vision.
I’ve enjoyed great support from the fans over the years and if you’ve ever purchased any Bass Mekanik music I give you my heartfelt thanks, but the music biz is not what it used to be in terms of dollars anymore.
These days I and the crew here at Bass Mekanik Records are mostly in it for the love of Bass, not for the money.
So if you can help I sincerely appreciate it.
Thanks, and keep Boomin!!!
Bass Mekanik  

 HERE is the link to the gofundme page.

Aug 27, 2016

The Bass Challenger - Bass Check

The ultimate audio challenge

Well, they did not lie. You get exactly THAT. A bass check. Or better yet, bass checkS (not the ones in the mail!). There are 22 tracks on this release produced by Jaime Rothstein, and only a handfull have beats in them... When I first listened to this cd I just kept waiting and waiting; "yeah, drop that beat!"... nothing, took a good 6 minutes.

Check it out:


 The cover design was done by Jeff Morgan.

Aug 22, 2016

The Miami Bass Express - The Express Replica

Another great set of artwork!

By the one and only Lamar Johnson ofcourse! 

This time he created a handmade cardboard replica of The Miami Bass Express. 

Don't forget, if you would be interested in buying one of these, or anything else that comes to mind, don't hesitate to contact Lamar on facebook @ or via his page Cardboard Creations