Jun 23, 2018

XXX Bass Queen 2

The Kotobazeme Vol 2

What we have here is 14 tracks of J-Bass composed by Ken Iwashiro and an insteresting cover illustration from Miyuki Yoshida. What to say, what to say... Some of the tracks are in the "Bass Erotica" style. Like where they have a woman talk dirty (at least that's what I think!) over the beats. Here's an example:

I have no idea what they are talking about, but I think it has something to do with being erect?

On some other tracks they go for some "rapping". Although the message might be the same as, let's say "The 2 Live Crew"s tracks, the delivery is a little different. 

Nah fam, I think I'll just stick with the instrumental jams, like "It's up to you"...

So what do you think? Want to hear "You vituperat me"? Want to hear "U are murderer I love"? You do? Then go to the playlist on YouTube, or the playlist on the whatchamacallittube.

Enjoy some more design by Don Okamoto & Atsushi Suzuki.

But you know what's the craziest part?


Jun 16, 2018

Bass Mekanik - Grab 'Em By The Bass

You grab it from the net!

Because the latest Bass Mekanik bass bomb is available everywhere. No excuses, you can go to iTunesBeatport, Spotify, Napster, Pandora, ... it's everywhere. And trust me, it's a booming album.

13 Brand new tracks featuring the hits 

"Turn it up!"

"Deep forest"


"Crystal bass"

You get me? Trapping yet?

May 20, 2018

Maggotron - That Crack on Your Windshield (From the Beat You Once Played)

Available for download or streaming on all major platforms!

That Maggotron keeps dropping hits! More boom for your zoom!
You can get this 6 track EP anywhere on the net: Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, ... too many to name!. 
As you can see; NO excuse NOT to stream! It's free for us and Maggotron gets paid! 


Maggotron - Lectro Space Ghetto

Available for download or streaming on all major platforms!

This 7 track EP has been available for a few months now but I show it to you better late than never! You can get this one anywhere on the net: Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, ... too many to name!. 
As you can see; NO excuse NOT to stream! It's free for us and Maggotron gets paid! 


Apr 29, 2018

Bass野郎 サーキットの狼

The Circuit Wolf

Here we have another Bad News Records release in the Bass Yarou series. This appears to be the (un?)official soundtrack to "The Circuit Wolf", a manga published as "Circuit no Ōkami". As do most Bass Ya Low releases, we get a nice packaging and artwork all around. Hajime Koboyashi did his best, thats for sure.


So far so good... but now for the bad news; THE MUSIC. It sucks! (IMO ofcourse! Feel free to like it if you do!) I didn't know Michelle Jackson would perform Beat it!? I didn't know Nicky Marlboro would perform Livin' La Vida Loca!? I didn't know Ho Ho would perform Take On Me!? How could I have? (OK, you got me, could have checked Discogs).



The only track I can enjoy is Mitso Shino's "Travelling without moving"

travelling without moving.mp3


Apr 17, 2018

Bass Killa - Murder Was The Bass

Before he became a thug, there was Bass Killa

Another DJ Lord Sadat production! He already appeared on this blog as Bass Thugz (Three Degrees Records TD 33002-2),  but this release (TD 33001-2) is even better. I hear Todd Terry, I hear Quad Force, I hear Bass Patrol, I hear DJ Nasty Knock... this is a real sample-heavy album, the Paul's Boutique of bass?

Check, you would swear "Neverending bass" is on deck:

I really like this album with cover art from Thellus Singleton.  And the cover model Cathy Leigh Lascoe also added to the enjoyability! (that's right, this time I have the uncensored version).

You know what, best thing is to listen to the whole shabang from beginning to end =========>

Apr 12, 2018

Ambient Rhythms - Nu-Urban Elektronika

Acid xplorations in electro-dub

This is a really smooth release on Streetbeat Records. Perfect cruising material I tell ya. Check it out

 full album.mp3

As you can see they were advising to "file under ambient/elektronika" ("electro-dub"), but a few months earlier they sold these tracks as "bass" (these are assorted tracks from Bass Cube, Bass Waves, Bass Inc. and Bass Ryder). An example of how to sell the same stuff to different audiences. But who's complaining? Thanks to capitalism we can enjoy another nice compilation of music in our ride...

My favorite tracks btw are:



What are YOUR favorite tracks?? Choose wisely HERE

Clean job on the sleeve design John Rummen!

Apr 6, 2018

Two-B-Free - Dancism Bass

Wiggle system

OK, here's the deal. There is "BASS" stamped all over the cover, there is a (ugly flat) booty painted on the cover, there is a woofer shaped tyre mounted on the car that is featured on the cover, there is a JBL promo on the cover...


But no...  no bass! Can you imagine? R&B-type-a-poppy-hip-hop-junk. C'mon son! Thank you very much Two-B-Free!

Here's what I will do. I will embed the "Ultimate vinyl mega mix - Workaholics Edit", and then you can see if you want to download the whole thing or not...

09-AudioTrack 09.mp3

Apr 3, 2018

Bass In Your Face Vol. 5 - Triple X Bass

Non stop mix!

OK friends, I realize that it has been a Bassman month, but I have another one! 
A: It is not my fault that Mr Bassman drops bombs! 
B: According to Mr Bassman Keith Rosenberg these tracks were licensed exclusively to this Japanese release; Bass in your Face Vol. 5! That means there is a huge possibility that you never heard these before. That alone is worth sharing this release, agree?

Trust me, this IS triple X bass, you'll see:


And? Ears still ringing? Yep, the Plus Cool guys did it again. And since we are on a covers blog, check out the Plus Cool logo designed by KAZZ.

Mar 29, 2018

Bassman - Bass 2 Tha Old School Volume 2

The wait is over!

I told you that I couldn't wait but luckily I did not have to wait long. The Bassman is back y'all!
And as you can tell from looking at the cover (with Illustration by Darren Shaw & graphic design from Daniel Lynch), Mr Bassman brought some friends; DJ Billy E, DJ Lace, Kevin Montgomery, 2BMF, Mellow J and DJ Sway-Z.

Check 'em out:


"Our second collection of Old School club anthems set to the Bass of the 90's. "Drop" these classic cutz in your car or home system, listen back, and enter the domain of Quad city, U.S.A. Whether your peepin "Computer Power" and "Jam On It" from Newcleus or the classic "Play At Your Own Risk", the Bassman has phattaned every track giving props to the Old School while lacing them wit the flava of BOOM!