May 8, 2022

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Today I have a real cool item to share with you! What you see here is an audiophile CD box from Mainland China. Released by MUSICNESTMUSIC it contains a total of 8 CD's with 136 tracks ranging from classical music to sound effects, Western popular hits,Chinese traditional music, African tribal rhythms and everything else inbetween...












I was really pleasantly surprised with the quality of the package. It comes in a nice metal box with an 8 page booklet and as mentioned before 8 CD's.


Not just 8 CDs but 8 black CDs! According to the booklet they are made out of "High transmittance polycarbonate material, backed with new nano reduction film coating, diskblue-black".  









Furthermore it reads, and I quote;" Black rubber CD adopts exclusive patented production technology. It does not have the disadvantage of die casting loss and format conversion, which leads to the deterioration of sound quality. The use of special materials makes black rubber CD more durable. Simply put, black glue CDs use exclusive patented technology, coupled with the processing of artistic sense, even on ordinary CD machines can also obtain (black glue record) like music enjoyment. The voice is really amazing, the sound field is super wide, the voice is real, it is worthy of the black rubber CD."

Black rubber CD? You learn something new every day!!













Now let me tell you, I am not a fan of audiophile CDs at all! Disc 3 for instance turns out to be THIS RELEASE (sucks), and disc 1 THIS RELEASE (more suckage, but that is my opinion ofcourse! Might be gold for others!). The other 5 discs also didn't move me. 

So where does this post become relevant you ask?

With disc number 4!












That's awesome right? The Chinese release of "Bass Explosion U.S.A. Volume One"! Talking about a rare find... 

Didn't put anything on YouTube because this is mainly an item for your collection but you can always CLICK THIS LINK if you want to hear the black disc Bass Explosion!!!


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