Mar 18, 2012

Afro-Rican - Sex and fun

The comeback

After their smash hit "Give it all you got" and their debut lp "Against all odds" fans were expecting a lot from the Afro-Rican crew, but their follow-up album "Sex and fun" did not deliver imo. A lot of "house" tracks and traditional hip hop, not enough bass shakers to satisfy. Really good jams can be counted on one hand. Here's 2 of 'em:

07. Let's get loose

10. Bass check

But hey, I got my longbox edition so I'm not complaining ;-)

Ah, ok, you want to check it out for yourself?! OK, go HERE then!


  1. Really love Afro-Rican's albums, haven't sadly heard this (as of yet). Any possibility for a re-upload?

  2. Awww yeaah, you betta know your work is highly appreciated, keep it up!