Oct 11, 2012

Bassman & D.J. Lace - Jeep Beats For Bass Headz

2 BMF does it again!

Did you see the Miami Bass History preview to the Keith "Beatmaster Wizzy" Rosenberg interview?

We shouldn't forget that in 1995 he did another project with D.J. Lace, "Jeep Beats for Bass Headz" on StreetBeat Records. Who best to explain what they were trying to do with this cd than Mr Bassman and DJ Lace themselves:

After that being said, doesn't this track remind you of a Beastie Boys classic??

Does this sound familiar??


And there's more like that on the cd. You know what? Just sit back and listen to the whole darn thing right here ====================================================>


Or better yet! SAVE IT FOR LATER!!

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