Nov 5, 2013

Miami Bass Tracks, Vol. 2

More Raw Underground Music!

Now this is an album that's worth every $, € or whatever currency you are using. With a host of great artists, this compilation has a little of everything we bassheads love so much; a good amount of those Mr Mixx type of beats (DJ Richie Rich), a little bit of that Newcleus electro sound (Cozmic Crew), some Quad Force type of quad for the booming system (Raw Underground), a pinch of trap to get the neighbours jumping (Ohm Boi)... you know... THE GOOD STUFF!

Now if you don't take my word, just go to Amazon to get a small preview. Ofcourse the low quality samples don't do the tracks any justice but at least you can get an idea of the sound... Ifans can go to iTunes, where else would they go?

Check out Ohm Boi's banger on YouTube:

The Phantom Express!


So you know what to do: download from Amazon, iTunes, or anywhere else you can find this album at, doesn't matter to me. And then you get your free covers from here! That's right. The cover on top is the official cover that I designed for this compilation. You see, the problem with these digital download sites is that they don't allow artists or track names on the cover, so I had to remove some things in order for Raw Underground Music to get the cover approved. So the music you'll have to buy, but the front and back cover are on me.

Keep bass alive!!

Oh yeah, and don't forget to do as the flyer says: pick up Volume 1 also, OK?

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