Mar 22, 2015

DJ Droppin - Catastrophic Bass

14 Full Strength Tracks


I know it's not thursday but here's a throwback for you anyhow; DJ Droppin's debut on Bass Mekanik records! I was listening to this cd again today and I realised 2 things. 1st off all I realised how time flies. I remember this album being released like it was a few months ago, but actually the release date on Bass Mekanik's bandcamp says 22 march 2011! 2nd thing I realised (or should I say remembered) is that this album is a real CLASSIC! DJ Droppin together with Bassotronics became the first of a range of new artists being promoted by Bass Mekanik, in order to keep car audio bass alive. 

"DJ DROPPIN is an alias of Rob Grimes, an Oregon based electronic music producer who is creating a new Bass style influenced by some of the classic sounds and creators of electro & bass, including BASS 305, TECHMASTER P.E.B., and BASS MEKANIK"

The sound on this album is very minimal, spacy at times, but musical enough to keep you interested during the full length of the songs, which can span up to almost 6 minutes. 
Here's a good example of the minimalism:


More minimalism, pure woofer food!

Yep, if you remember this album, just play it again will you? And if you don't remember or never knew it, it's your lucky day because you just got to know some great music...


(Yes, a little confusing. The artwork on the cd is the same as DJ Droppin's second release "Droppin beats")

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