Aug 27, 2015

Bass Mekanik - Power

More bass trap!

So I was looking online for a place to download the new Bassotronics album "Woofer wrecker" and to my surprise I found out Bass Mekanik also had a new release out!!! What a surprise! I've always been a huge fan so sorry Bassotronics, but I did check this release first ^^

As expected the follow-up to "Bass Trap" contains more trap beats but ofcourse it's not "just trap". That unique Bass Mekanik sound always shines through in everything they produce! We'll have to depend on for some previews:

Nice right? Alright then, you know what to do now: Buy - Buy - Buy! ^^

Funny; junodownload labels this album "balearic/downtempo"! "Downtempo" ok, but I still don't see anybody play this kind of stuff in Ibiza...

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