Jan 11, 2016

BASS野郎 - Hard Core

Tari's having fun!

I say Tari because I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be the girl from Bass Shock's "Dungeon of Bass" cover; blond hair and same "clothes", but most of all the music on this Japanese release (in the Bass Yarou series I think) is exactly the same as on the original Neurodisc release. Peep the tracklistings:

Bass Hardcore:


Original Neurodisc release

As you can see this is another cool Japanese release. I really like the way they didn't just create a totally different cover but they continued to work on the original. Prime example of why I started this blog. Since it's a cartoon the artist (unfortunately I can't read Japanese so I don't know who he is) took the opportunity to let his imagination run free and make her a little more voluptuous I see. Also she doesn't appear to be in the dungeon itself but in some type of booming car. Maybe the dungeon's speaker was blown?? Have fun Tari and enjoy the music...

(If YOU want to listen to the music you can easily go here

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