Feb 27, 2016

Bass FM 69.98

Non stop mixed by DJ Nasty Knock and Lisagaye

Well, mixed? DJ Nasty Knock produced some great bass tracks but he doesn't appear to be the greatest dj (hmmm... but he is supposed to be "DJ" Nasty Knock isn't he?) Listen to the "mix" for yourself:

What do you think? Good beatmixing? As you might have heard this is a compilation of Street Street Music releases. 

Nothing exclusive here except for the interludes, done by Nasty Knock himself and Lisagaye Tomlinson, who is a back-up singer on some of the Nasty Knock tracks.

Now I still don't know how to  read Japanese but I think this cd might have been conceived or sponsored by the people over at Shibuya FM 78.4 MHz (which seems to be broadcasting no longer), in conjunction with Alpha Enterprise co. ltd.

And just like the other Alpha Enterprise/Street Street Music releases the cover illustration was done by Kazunori Okuyama.


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