Mar 21, 2016

Bass Yarou - Erotica

You try it!!

Try and make the cover uncensored! Doesn't look to hard imo, but I have to hand it to Hajime Kobayashi (you know, the Bad News Records art director and designer); he really got creative on this one.

So what we have here is the first volume in the Bass Yarou 'Erotica' series. Actually what we hear on this disc is the complete Bass Erotica release "Erotic bass delight", originally released on Neurodisc records...

and 3 added tracks with the kind of vocals Bass Yarou 'Erotica' would become known for. There are no extra vocals on the Bass Erotica tracks so I will only post the 3 added tracks. Enjoy!


Now it is time to meet the lovely ladies with the awesome vocal capabilities! I'm sure they made it very far in the, ...uhm, ..."business"?


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