Feb 9, 2018

Bass Thugz - '64 Low Bass Style

West Coast Style


This is actually a rather good album on Three Degrees Records. A nice G-Funk / Miami Bass blend. Listen to "Bouncin' on my Daytons":


Or  "64 Low bass style", it's that real gangsta bass...


Funny, but it was only when I was reading the artwork credits (cover art from Jes Rothbeind and design by Pat Dillon) that I noticed that I own the censored cover version! Inside it reads "cover models: Lucy Gamboa, Veronica Grey and Linda Reedy". But I didn't see any models on the cover!

There are 2 on the CD itself:

But nothing on the outside.

The one on Amazon though:

Must have something to do with the fact that I have a German release:

Anyhow, good album none the less. Listen to the rest on my YouTube channel, and I will leave you guys with the track that starts off like a DJ Billy E jam would...



  1. Expected more frome this. Expected sound like 69 boyz, 95 South or something like these. It's sad.

  2. OK, maybe because you expected that style. I actually enjoyed the cd. Good West Coast/Bass combination imo.