Mar 3, 2018

Cover Wars Part 9 - A Matter Of Approach

So what we have here is The Mystery Of Bass From Outside This World


Bass Odyssee A Journey Into Space

Both CD's are distributed by United Sound. And both of them were produced by the same people; The "Cosmic Passenger" (H.J. Scheffler) and the "Millennium Slider" (R. Sobiech). The difference is that on the first one the bass is coming to visit us, and on the latter we go and search for the bass. Let's hear how that works out...

when we make alien contact:

when we enter unknown territory:

what happened in Roswell?

Personally I found our journey into space more entertaining. The whole CD can be enjoyed whereas the "bass from outside this world" almost put me to sleep later on (could have been their plan ofcourse, to put humanity to sleep!!). If you want to make your own decision, listen to both albums yourself!

The Mystery of Bass

Bass Odyssee

But the clear winner for today is...


just listen to the first contact


another world

and what happened in Area 51

Yup, no doubt about it. Alien Bass for the win.

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