Dec 28, 2021

Quad Control Station - Bass Xpo 2021

 The Saga Continues


Great news my friends; more Bass XPO is now available. The sage never ends. I am sure you heard the other XPO's already


But maybe you haven't heard the latest yet. "Bass XPO 2021: The Saga Continues" was released Christmas eve 2021 and brings more of that awesome melodic bass that we love to hear from QCS! 

I'll give you a small sample of track # 2 "Cali Nights"

But if, other better yet when you want to hear the rest you will have to go to Quad Control Station's Bandcamp page by clicking
And if you are one of those old heads that needs cd's, those are also available. You'll have to head over to fakebook and hit up Daneja Mental aka #badjoby, he's the mastermind behind Quad Control Station!
Enjoy the BASS!!!!!!

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