Jun 16, 2012

Bass Yarou Vol. 1

Dance and boom this sound!

BASS野郎・零. Another collection of Joey Boy Records music. As usual they added some ragga/reggaeton tracks, this time from "The Rasta Crew". Maybe they should have named these cd's "Joey Boy Yarou", since there's not only bass music on them.

Get a load of The Rasta Crew with track No 2; "Que se quiten 1"

Good? Also we have some songs from the "Cosmic Conspiracy" cd (which I featured OVERHERE), but this time the performing artist is credited by his real name; Scott Weiser.

08. Time traveler

 Here's some more info about this cd, straight from Bad News Records itself!


PRICE:1,886JPY | BNCP12 | 2000/03/23

1.Miami Bass / Mega Jon Bass featuring Ice Man J 2. Que Se Quiten I / The Rasata Crew 3. Dat Monae / Madd Blunted 4. Criticones / The Rasta Crew 5. Prepare For Departure / Scott Weiser 6. Kick It Over Here / Mega Jon Bass featuring Ice Man J 7. South Beach Girls / B.A.S.S 8. Time Traveler / Scott Weiser 9.Parle / Madd Blunted 10. Que Se Quiten II / The Rasta Crew 11. Enjoy My Body / Scott Weiser 12. Layn Like Dat / Mega Jon Bass featuring Ice Man J 13. Criticones II/ The Rasta Crew

We selected songs famous Bass label called Joey boy records. Dance and boom this sound! 

Now I'm confused! The Rasata Crew?  I'm happy we still have Mega Jon Bass and Madd Blunted to save the day (or should I say cd?). Since you already heard so much about the Ice Man (like HERE and HERE) we'll play some Madd Blunted...

You like that don't you?? If you do, I got a little something for you overHERE ! If you don't, I guess you know what to do!


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