Jun 30, 2012

The Best Of Miami Bass Volume 1

Compiled by Food For Woofers

All tracks licensed from: Pan Disc Music Corp. Miami USA and

so just call it "The Best Of Pandisc Bass".

Track 3) In the mix

Who do we have on this cd? The Beat Dominator, Mr Bassman, DJ Laz, DXJ and Danny D. Enough food for 14 great tracks! (That's right, 14. The tracklist shows 15 but they are not all on the cd. I couldn't find the last song; Return to the bass that ate Miami).

Track 9) Boom I got yo' bass

Maybe they had it on the original Food For Woofers release, but I don't have that one (yet ^^).

As you can see it's the same release but with a different color than the one distributed by Quality Centers (more details HERE).

Track 12) Bass it to the max

If you want to hear some more take a look overHERE.

OK that's it, goodbye for now...

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