Jul 10, 2012

Bass Patrol! Vol. 19

Boom boom & go go bass!

I would like to thank my friend Baxim for getting my hands on this one! Another rare volume in the Bass Patrol! series...

Here we have a "booty side" and a "bounce side". As expected the booty side is a little better in my opinion, but that's a matter of taste ofcourse...

Let's see.

On the "booty side" for instance, we have Verb with "Shake it down":

and on the "bounce side" we have Creep Dog with "Nigga what":

And? Another one? OK!

"booty side" DJ Laz feat. Kinsu with "Let them hoes fight":

"bounce side", Mac'n Lomax with "Why?":

Decided? Not yet? This one will persuade you! From the "booty side"Crazy L'Eggs with "South side ride":

Was I right or what??? If you wanna hear some more tracks go to my YouTube channel right  HERE

Oh yeah, I wonder what this is about:

About the Pokemon bass probably....

Crusin' bass

If you feel like listening to the whole cd you can visit THIS SITE and enjoy the sounds!

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