Jul 26, 2012

DJ Uncle Al - Go Ladies


Looking at this cd cover, it appears Al used to stay in good company!

19 Tracks here, all produced by Albert Moss and released by On Top Records 1995. With Uncle Al, we always get a taste of different Miami bass styles. Ofcourse the best tracks go a little something like this; signature sound!

04. Buck wild

More Miami style right here, talking 'bout "foot draggers", whatever those might be???

09. Foot draggin hoes

And it couldn't be a bass cd if there wasn't a little something something for them woofers, right?

10. Bass heads/11. Niggas with the quad (check 1)


14. Gunz down


I don't know man, I can post ALL tracks from this cd! OK, here's the last one, DJ Uncle Al doin' what he does best:

18. Uncle Al line

And if after ALL of that you STILL didn't get enough... click on the cd and you will receive!!

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