Sep 11, 2012

DJ Uncle Al R.I.P.

My friends over at Miamibass(dot)FM had a day long celebration yesterday, remembering the unfortunate passing of Albert Moss, better known as DJ Uncle Al over 10 years ago on Sept. 10, 2001. Today I'll continue their effort right here!

This is Uncle Al's first full CD released by On Top Records in 1993 and produced by Calvin Mills II and Carlton Mills.

03. What's my name

17. Just say no 2 drugs


In '95 we saw the release of "Comin thru"

You can check that out on YouTube:

or some other tube:

Go ladies was also released in 1995 and was already featured on the blog HERE
You can listen to this great CD if you feel like.

If you missed the MB.FM dedication yesterday, don't worry! They compiled all the Uncle Al pieces in one download so you can still listen and learn. But be fast, it'll be available for download for only 2 weeks! GET IT!

Another jamming CD from 1996 produced by DJ Uncle Al and DJ Forty Dog (you know, the one from the 3rd generation Bass Patrol)

Featuring the classic "DJ Uncle Al & DJ Felix Sama Mega Mix":  

and more classic tracks HERE


This Japanese CD released by Cutting Edge in the Bass Patrol! series combines 2 of Uncle Al's On Top albums "Party time" and "Off the chain". This is a really good release giving you 26 tracks from the #1 DJ!
Take a look OVERHERE if you're a fan!

And the partying doesn't stop...

But then again... this is the last album released by Albert Moss in 1998, produced by The Committee. The cover is from the Japanese release. 
It was also released as a double vinyl!



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