Sep 28, 2012

Street Beat Krew - Bass Check Vol. II


Before I give you some more of that J-Bass I also want to post this StreetBeat Records release. Not a top 10 cd but just another average car audio bass release. What makes it interesting is that it's entirely produced by Calvin L. Mills & Carlton Mills. Being this is Vol. II you can check out Vol. I HERE.

so, what do we have here? A little bit of everything... 

some "Jeep beats"

... some "Hip Hop"

... some "Bedroom boom"

and some good old bass ofcourse... 

If you like what you heard so far than I would suggest you take a look HERE and/or HERE.  

It's funny, if you look at the back cover or the inside of the cd, you would think this is "Bass check 11, Vol. II"... or is it?


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