Dec 18, 2012

DJ Pure Logic - Best Of Bass Patrol Vol 1


A must have! For all you old (AND new ofcourse) Bass Patrol, DJ Fury and RX Lord fans, I got a hot one here, courtesy of DJ Pure Logic with some added artwork by yours truly! 1 Hour of non-stop BP classics, not chopped, not slopped, but dragged. Guaranteed to expand your woofers even more than when Fury dropped'em. Check it out!

Now I hear you asking yourself; "Who is DJ Pure Logic?". Who is DJ Pure Logic? Do you remember this cover?

Ofcourse you do. Well, that's Pure Logic's 1997 Suburban Fury is sitting in! Take a look at this:

But wait, wait, not only that; he was also the webmaster for the old Full Moon Records website. So you know you're not dealing with a new jack, get it? NOW GET IT!

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