Feb 16, 2013

Bass Creations - Volume 4

Space bass

Not really, there's a lot of bass on this cd; ragga bass, red hot bass, strollin bass, loud n clear bass, acid bass, jazzy bass, stoned & funky bass, smokin hot bass, phat bass and even elevator bass. But no space bass, although the cover makes you think there would be...

Here's some of the bass that IS on it:

You're thing? Then LISTEN TO IT MAN. Or take a look at some of the other BASS CREATIONS.


  1. Yo, B-Bart... any way you can rip this to wav or FLAC for me... the series of 5 CDs I think

  2. Would you mind sending me the link too? My buddy and I used to listen to this stuff mitcht@gmail.com