Feb 2, 2013

Bassman - Mega-Bass

Hey! You, bullshit!

Me?? Can you imagine? So when you buy this cd and you remove it from the tray to slide it in your player, that is the message you receive ^^!! Take a look:

They should be talking to themselves! "... the best bass cd that you can listen to so far." YEAH RIGHT! It's bullshit. The artwork: no problem. As we are used to with Japanese releases, they always put in work when it comes to that. The design is done by Kazuhiro Osakabe and the photographer is Motoi Abe. They even threw in a few extra stickers:

But the music? That's where the problem starts. Absolutely nothing good on this cd! OK, maybe the 2:38 minutes from the "Tour the France" cover, but that's it (and that even came from another cd!). Don't believe me? Listen to the "Nonstop edit" and be convinced...
  1. Tour de France (from cd "Techno-Bass")
  2. Rydeen (from cd "Techno-Bass")
  3. Glad to know you
  4. What a feeling
  5. I want you
  6. Let's go round again
  7. Get off
  8. Venus
  9. I was made for dancing
  10. Get ready

Ofcourse tastes differ, so if you want to hear more you're invited to go HERE.

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