Apr 2, 2013

Bass 305 - Digital Bass

The science of sound

If you didn't know yet, this is a real classic. The first release by Bass 305, the first release by DM Records, and being from 1992, it's also one of the earlier car audio bass cd's! Visit the Bassipedia for more on that subject.

These are some of my favorite tracks on this release:

02. Techno bass (Eurobass mix)

06. Techno soul bass (Hip hop version) (This is the intrumental to the Bass Gangsters' "Bass gangsters party all night long!" track)

07. Turntable terrorism (18 Turntables power mix)

and 10. DJ Scratch (Miami bass version)

They must have been busy moving out of their offices during the release of this cd. Take a look at the date and address on the inside of the booklet; 1992, Pompano Beach

but by the time they printed the backcover, it was 1993, and they had moved to Ft. Lauderdale. The things you learn here...

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