May 16, 2013

Bass Mekanik - Max Killa Hertz

Did somebody say classic??

Because this IS a classic. Released by the Pandisc Music Corporation in 1995, the good old days of car bass. The cover art was done by Gerard Delaney and Scott Chontow for Adimpact, Inc., Photography by Sergio Pinon (also for Adimpact, Inc.) and the model was Patti Petron. All trax produced by The Dominator:

(except # produced by Bass Automator)

(+ by Bassman)

(£ by Automator & Dominator)

(and * by Bassman & Dominator)

And let's not forget about Boomer the Bass Pig who engineerd this whole thing!

This 24" x  18" poster seems to have been signed by Petra herself...

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