May 2, 2013

Bass Sonic Vol. 01 - Eurobeat Mega Bass!

I don't know what to say...

Remember Bass Sonic Vol. 5? That was a "horror"ble cd right? Guess what... this one is even worse, for real! 
I have to say that Emma Katoh tried in making the design very colourfull, take a look:

But the music? I don't  even want to post a preview people. If you are really curious and you want to hear it for yourself, I'm not stopping you. You can listen HERE.

Some more info about the "musicians":

Now to find the other volumes, they sound way more promising; "Super action mega bass!" and "Midnight adult mega bass!". Oh yeah!


  1. Hello. Could you please re-upload this? I'm very interested in these eurobeat bass albums, lol.

    1. Done. Don't forget to check out the other Bass Sonic volumes...