Aug 11, 2013

Cover Wars Part 6 - Bass Patrol vs The Miami Bass Machine

Spot the difference...

that's the game you could be playing with these ones. Print both covers, give 'em to your children and play "spot the difference" ^^. This HAS to be the ultimate in cover wars! In all honesty I had both of these albums (don't remember which one I bought first) but didn't realize the connection in the beginning. I know, my bad, but one day I finally noticed and was like "WTF!". Nice artwork by both artists! Manny Morell for Bass Patrol and who else but Lamar Johnson for The Miami Bass Machine.
As you might already know by now, this is the original Bass Patrol, Calvin Mills II and Carlton Mills, not RX Lord & DJ Fury. But did you know MC Madness (R.I.P.) is also featured on this album? Listen:

Since the cover for The Miami Bass Machine is done by Lamar Jonson, you already know the music had to be produced by DXJ and friends. Talking bout a CLASSIC bass album!!

Two timeless bass albums we will never get tired of, that's for sure. And the good thing is, it seems there was never any animosity between both artists. When asked: "The cover from the album "The Miami Bass Machine" was a persiflage about "Bass Patrol". What was behind the story ? Was there a battle between DXJ and the Mills?", DXJ replied: "No not at all..Always have been cool with Calvin and Carlton. It was more fo a friendly shot at Joey Boy.. particularly Junior." So now you know...

Which one is your favorite?





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