Aug 23, 2013

The Bassheadz - Attack Of Da Bassheadz From Da Bottom

The return of Captain Bass...


Yet another bass cd with great cover artwork! And not only do you get great cover artwork, but inside you also find a 26 page comic book. The Bassheadz have escaped from prison and are unleashing their destructive bass on the city... who will be able to stop them? All artwork is done by Robert Reed. The story concept by David E. Williams & Robert Reed. Find out what happened yourself while listening to the intro and the title track "attack of da bass headz":

I personally like this cd more than the Captain Bass cd. While that one was kinda boring this one has a few more uptempo tracks like this one that I really love (probably partly due to that great "bass" sample which reminds me of DJ Fury's "Let the quad loose"):


Some more good ones... track 6, "69 Degrees"

7. "Drop that quad"

Somewhere halfway they must have realised that Heatwave Records is a West Coast label so they switched up styles a little...

Still a good album. I'll leave you with this to prove it: SPEED DROP!

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