Feb 10, 2014

Bassotronics - Trap Dis Bass

After his succesfull venture into dubstep with the "Bass-Step" release, Bassotronics aka Bassdroid 808 is giving trap a shot. I guess it will come as no surprise when I tell you he succeeded again. Not all 15 tracks on this release are trap though. We get a nice mix of sounds, all in that classic Bassotronics style ofcourse...

Here's what THEY say on the official Bass Mekanik bandcamp site:

"Bassotronics has the most unique style of all contemporary Bass Producer Artists, and his faithful and ever growing fan base is well aware of this.
His quirky sense of humor combined with massive chunks of bass and beats never fails to deliver the goods, and his new album TRAP DIS BASS is no exception.

Need I say more? A few of my favorites:

"I trap the police" (I mainly like that nervous piano like sound starting at 0:43)

"Bass 4 U" (The bass sound reminds me of that Bassadelic classic "Give it to them")

"Don't fail the boom" (Just one of those great melodic bass tracks that always seem to be finished too fast!)

But I'm sure you will pick your own favorites. Just take a listen to the full album, or better yet BUY the full album from bandcamp...

or from the iThing ofcourse https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bass-mekanik-presents-bassotronics/id796923480

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