Feb 14, 2014

E-Rocker - Electro Funk Machines

Long live electro funk!!!

OK, this is not a Bass album "per se" but enough reasons to post it here anyhow... to start with E-Rocker is a member of the Miami Bass History crew, second of all the cd has contributions by Smooth J, DJ Richie Rich and MegaJon (yes, the original dance transformer) and last but not least it's just an overall great electro cd!! To put it in the words of Nick TMF:  ( ( ( No one who knows of real Electro music should miss this ) ) )

You can order the cd or digital download at www.e-rocker.bandcamp.com or send email to order cd to e-rocker@hotmail.com.

If you order it direct you might get it autographed like I did! 

Need to listen first?

Only 100 pieces exist! So it's up to you; be fast or be too late...


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