Sep 10, 2014

Dance Dragon Bass Vol. 3 - Special Issue "Soft"

Mixed by DJ Magic Mike

...again. I already posted Dance Dragon Bass Vol. 2 before (I also posted Vol.1 as a matter of fact but that one was not mixed by DJ Magic Mike) and as you can see that was Special Issue "HARD" while this one is "SOFT"... "What is that all about?" you ask... Well, it is true that on Vol. 2 we got some hard bass tracks like "Get some"

and "Hit it" (Just to name 2)

but on this release, Vol.3, it's all R&Bass and, yes, wait for it; "soft" stuff ^^


See? Good thing there is still the Magic Mike "cut" (pun intended) to give the people what they want...

Check this out; so inside the booklet they have all the lyrics printed but look at the Magic Mike track!
"No lyric. Just noise, scratch, talking..." Noise? NOISE? C'mon son, I don't hear any noise! Maybe their speaker were rattling...

Still I really like these Japanese releases. Always nice artwork. The Dance Dragon Logo by the way was designed by Hibiki Tokiwa for Mars Art Lab.


  1. Very good this album ... Could you send me the link to download?
    Thx B-Bart...
    Att; Dj Bass..

  2. Thx My Big Friend! Your blog is the best!