Sep 27, 2014

Terra Infirma

"Solid earth"

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Terra firma is a Latin phrase meaning "solid earth" (from terra, meaning "earth", and firma, meaning "solid"). The phrase refers to the dry land mass on the earth's surface and is used to differentiate from the sea or air.

I have no idea what that has to do with this cd, thought I'd just let you know. So I bought this cd because it's one of the last remaining Joey Boy Records releases in my collection. When I started listening I was like; "Fuck, waste of money"...

But then luckily later on the music became better and I started wondering if these are the same people who are behind a lot of the Neurodisc releases. This track could easily be on, let's just say, a Bass Hit CD. Take a listen:


Or this sounds like something from "Bass Erotica"

Yeah, in the end, not bad at all...


So I'll leave you with "Club Disco"...

and the opportunity to listen to the whole shabang yourselves...

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  1. Only "Terra Infirma – Libido" nice track - sounds like Bass Erotica like you said. Thx for the album.