Jan 31, 2015

Quad Squad - Bottom Out

Techno Bass... Miami's next phase

This was probably meant as an ode to Techno Bass and not a claim of invention, because I'm very sure Dynamix II did that years before... Still this is a GREAT cd in my opinion! A lot of very raw bass tracks that do very well in the trunk...

Mega mix type DJ tracks

Let's not forget the actual Techno Bass (this one sounds rather "DM-ish")...

Woofer tests...

And some booty tracks (which are not my favorite here, but this song keeps reminding me of Gemini's "Skeezer")


All tracks produced by Quad Squad, some in cooperation with Bass Trancemission. Cutz & scratches by Statik. Featuring lyrics by Statik. But what it all comes down to is that all of these groups and people are just Adam Feinsilver, who, from looking at his site, doesn't seem to be into bass anymore...


  1. Can you upload this somewhere, please. Thx in advance-)

  2. Do you know other miamibass or electro tracks with the sample like in "Quad Squad - Shake it down! "?
    Original sample is "boogie down bronx" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0L_AVc1OjE
    And i know other welldone electro/breaks track "Stanton warriors - Da Antidote" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUvDnpYpg90 - from 1:00.

  3. And other track with this sample "Freestyle Project - pump this party"

  4. Then Can you upload only "Quad Squad - Shake it down!" somewhere, not whole album,thx.

  5. Can you upload the picture, where the pretty girl smiling.

  6. Did Darryl Underwood sell The Quad Squad name to Adam Feinsilver? Only one year after the Underground Funk" album the group name changes to different people.

    1. Good question. I actually thought this was an (Underwood) Quad Squad album...

  7. Great Blog you have here. Underwood Records sort of vanished after 1995 or so. I don't remember any releases after the Gangsta Rob "Daisy Dukes" single with "Work that Body". The stares and high hats are different on the BottomOut album from Underground Funk. Underground Funk had that Attitude Records feel BottomOut is different in a good way. I want this on CD. I have the download but that does not do it for me completely.

    Klassic Lou