Jan 17, 2015

Rockford Fosgate Volume One

When too much is just right

This is a release from Holland. I expected it to be a bass cd (was hoping it would be one) but I ended up being disappointed. I mean it IS a car cd

so I'm sure there is enough bass in the tracks, but it's not the type of bass I like listening to. I would call it a house cd.

Like track 1 "Another day", it starts off great as if it was an early rave track but then when the beat comes in at around 1:55 it's over for me. Maybe not for you, but "I ain't into that", take a listen:

Another example (I tell you, I'm sure enough people will like these jams but I'm just not a fan of those repetitive 4/4 beats)

NO thank you!

When too much is just right

but for me it WAS too much. If it was just right for you feel free to check out the whole cd on YouTube. I just hope Volume 2 is better...

Oh yeah, the graphic design was done by Maurice Steenbergen for Midtown Design & Recording...

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