Feb 21, 2015

Bassrocker - Rock Tha Bass

A One Rascal production

I had seen this cd online many times and I just knew it was not gonna be the best out there. But what I did NOT know was that it is produced by the One Rascal Albert Cabrera! You know, the producer and edit king who already gave us a bass album on this blog, namely "The Bass Project" on Pandisc.
What I also didn't know is that one of the rappers on this album is Won-Tu, better known as Hanson from Hanson & Davis. The duo that made this club classic:

The rap tracks are for sure not the headlines on this release. Here's Won-Tu with "Kiss the puppet"

And the other rapper, Celo, with "Rhythm, rocks, stop"

The instrumental tracks are rather bumping though...

Photography by Marti Griffin & Associates Inc.
Photo art direction & graphic design by Jill A. McCarthy.


  1. "Celo - Rhythm, rocks, stop" - good!
    But other tracks spoils the guitar parts, in my opinion. Are there another rap tracks on this album?Or it's only 2?

    1. There are some more. Check it out:

  2. I mean that the guitar is not on theme here:)