Dec 29, 2015

Bassotronics - Electro Bass In Your Face

Bassotronics in the mix!!

Well he's not actually "cutting & scratching" but this is a continuous mix featuring 15 Bassotronics bass bombs! What a way to end the year! When you hear the name Bassotronics you probably think of car audio bass ("Bass, I love you" comes to mind) but this guy produced some serious electro bangers as well! Check out "Electro bass computers"

Or "Bass is enough"

Who let the dogs out!!??  You can buy this album from any site that sells digital music; iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, whichever you prefer, as long as you GET IT!

My favorite tracks are "Digital streets"


and the '80s freestyle sounding "Lost"!


Can't wait to hear what Bassotronics will be releasing in  2016!

Oh yeah, if your in the US, you can check out the full album on YouTube:


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