Dec 29, 2015

DJ Droppin' - Bass Abuse

17 Classic bass tracks

Not yet but I'm sure they will be one day!  DJ Droppin joins Bassotronics in closing the year 2015  with a low bass bomb. Car audio bass in its purest form! I'll be honest, my car system (1 15" subwoofer) can't really handle this kind of lows. I don't know how many 15's you need exactly but this is serious bass my friends!

The title track:

Here's the official promo talk:

Officially released! DJ Droppin' is back with another slammin' collection of Vicious Boom and Dangerous Low Frequencies guaranteed to take your system to its limits and beyond. This composition features a deadly mix of Crunk/Street Style, Techno Bass, Electro Funk, and Instrumental Quad.
Key Tracks: Bass Abuse, Bassin' 4 Austin, Miami Bass Check, Tribal Quad
*Bassheads, Track 10, "Bassin' 4 Austin" is in tribute to Austin Gerlach who bravely and courageously battled cancer. Sadly in 2015 Austin passed away. He was a great guy and an ambassador to Car Audio. He left a lasting impression with anyone who knew him. God Speed, Austin.

You can buy this album from your favorite digital dealer; Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Junodownload, I don't know, you choose one. As long as you BUY!

Yeah this sh$t goes deep!

What I also like about this release is the cover. It's great in it's simplicity. It has this 80's Tron vibe... really cool.


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