Mar 5, 2017

Bass Zeppelin - Stairway To Bass Heaven

How many more times...

... will I post horrible CD's like this? I don't know my friends, but I do know that this album sucks balls!  Maybe it could be an interesting listen if you're a Led Zeppelin fan? But I already don't like hard rock music, and I definitely don't like horrible "bass" covers. I say "bass" because this release does not have the kind of BOOM we all like, but rather "live analog mega bass" by none other than our beloved friend Camagisaw Man.

Check the title track:

Or how about Led Zeppelin's classic "Whole lotta love"?

Or "Black dog", which at least has a Miami bass like beat to it...

You like? Cool! Then it's your lucky day! There's more RIGHT HERE on my YouTube channel!
And what about that Bass Queen album? Another certified hit in the hard rock bass series. Next up: Bass Purple - Miami black night. Follow for now!

The visual producer was MASH, the design was done by Shingo Ueki and Masatoshi Ebisawa, photography by Masashige Ogata, and last but not least, the lovely model was Mei Inaba! 


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