Apr 17, 2018

Bass Killa - Murder Was The Bass

Before he became a thug, there was Bass Killa

Another DJ Lord Sadat production! He already appeared on this blog as Bass Thugz (Three Degrees Records TD 33002-2),  but this release (TD 33001-2) is even better. I hear Todd Terry, I hear Quad Force, I hear Bass Patrol, I hear DJ Nasty Knock... this is a real sample-heavy album, the Paul's Boutique of bass?

Check, you would swear "Neverending bass" is on deck:

I really like this album with cover art from Thellus Singleton.  And the cover model Cathy Leigh Lascoe also added to the enjoyability! (that's right, this time I have the uncensored version).

You know what, best thing is to listen to the whole shabang from beginning to end =========>

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