Oct 27, 2018

BASS野郎 - Hard Core 2

Not sure if Tari's still having fun!

Just as Bass 野郎 was the Japanese release for Neurodisc 's Bass Shock - Dungeon of Bass, Bass 野郎 2 is the same as Neurodisc 's Bass Shock II - Bass torture.

Bass Hardcore 2:

Bass Shock II 

SAME TRACKS! With classics like Bass Obsession


Fantastic Galactic


and Getup & Jam!

Good CD, but I actually don't think this IS Tari! On the Bass Shock II cover she has blonde hair (as photographed by Al Freddy), but on the Bass Hard Core 2 cover it's black.Prolly Japanese Tari...

I guess the Japanes designer wanted to take a different route than Gerard Delaney & Sergio Pinon from AdImpact Inc.

I will leave you now with GHIA!


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