May 23, 2020

Glam Graham - SINsation

COMING SOON! The debut album

That's right, it's not out yet, but DJ Fury's newest protegĂ© will be releasing her debut album soon. Fury was quoted as saying... 

"Not only is Glam an extremely beautiful and sexy young lady, but she is a very talented and versatile writer that can spit pure fire on the mic! Glam's first single "Bounce" is a pure club banger & twerk song to be followed up by "Run Me Dat" and "For Da Money", which are more club bangers the ladies will love.  "Fully Automatic", will surely solidify her street credibility as a fourth single release.  "What's The Vibe", is her fifth single that has a sensual, smooth and sultry vibe.  The sixth single, "Pretty Girls", is destined to become a Pop classic!  Those first six singles alone could make an awesome EP and would be enough to show the music industry and the world that Glam Graham is extremely talented, also versatile, and a major force to be reckoned with!"  ~Fury

Go to to get free downloads and more info on Glam!


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