May 2, 2020

Bass Boys - Volume 1

Feel The Bass Vol. 10 - The final bass

If it wasn't for the OBI I would have never figured it out but this is the final release in the "Feel The Bass" series!

I think all the other releases were compilations of already released music, but to my surprise this one features all new music! That's the fun with ordering Japanese cd's online, you actually never know what you will receive.

So who are the Bass Boys? Can't find anything online about them. According to this cd they are Freak Stan, Rough Dee and Yes Man. There are also tracks by Monie Mike, Chef and Big T.

Check 'em out and let me know if you know more about any one of them...

Freak Stan, Rough Dee & Yes Man

Monie Mike


Big T

If you enjoyed these tracks, there are more on my YouTube Channel! 

Check it out!

And then by sheer coincidence, right after finishing this post, I found Yes Man on facebook and here's what he said about this release:

"Man I had bad management back in the day and they took a lot of my damn demos that I was just playing around with at the studio. We was about to shop all that stuff to the major bass & crunk labels like Bo crane, David estrogen , Gene Simmons and other exit back then.. but the guy who I was working with took all the demo Masters literally when I was doing a show on the West Coast back then. Somebody told me he got a big payout from a foreign investor oversee but I never seen or heard anything about it. I actually just said f*** it. And started working on the dolly project that they put on BET uncut"

Check out his latest video:

DEMO Just having some sort of freestyle fun playing around
Song Title: You Sexy Lady
Epicurean one Entertainment BMI Copyright © 


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