Apr 21, 2020

Tsutaya Records Presents Bass 野郎

Bad News Records

Tsutaya Records, Bad News Records, I have no idea what is going on here anymore. I do know that it's an earlier release in the "Bass 野郎" series (or "Bass Ya Low", sometimes "Bass 'Yarou'") from 1998; BN-109. I also know that it's not a bad compilation. Only 12 tracks but a variety of bass styles. Definately not a bad start for somebody who is just getting to know the genre.

Here's a selection:

(Was this released after the succes of DJ Laz' 'Mami el negro'?)

Ofcourse I initially bought this mainly for the cool cover. I'm trying to complete the "Bass 野郎" series also, but the cover is really the reason why I love these Japanese releases.

The back cover has a blue van. Rush paintjob after the heist???

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