May 16, 2021

Bass Boom

 US and Euro BASS trax


A nice series for a collector this one... Why? Because the artwork is quality, there are 4 volumes to collect, but mainly because it was releases on Edel Records from Finland. A country not commonly associated with bass music! Seems they used to have an organization like IASCA named FASCA, Finnish AutoSound Challenge Association. If we translate the Wikipedia on FASCA we can see why only Bass Boom 1 has their logo on the backcover:

"Fasca (Finnish AutoSound Challenge Association) was the only official Finnish support organization for car audio and AutoSound competition, founded in 1992. Fasca's purpose was to promote and support car audio hobbies and public awareness. The main activity was AutoSound competitions, in which enthusiasts competed against each other within the framework of jointly agreed rules.

Fasca’s story ended sometime after the mid-2000s, the website disappeared in 2008. The reason for the dissolution of the organization was the ambiguity in the use of money and other internal matters.

Today, Finland's official car hi-fi umbrella organization is EMMA Finland."

Bass Boom was released in  2000, Bass Boom 2 in 2002, Bass Boom 3 in 2003 and Bass Boom 4 in... no, NOT 2004! In 2007. 

As you could read on the cover, each volume of Bass Boom has US and Euro bass trax. Personally I didn't enjoy any of the Euro trax; hard style, happy house, not my thing. The US trax however were supplied by Pandisc so that is always great news! Bass Mekanik fans will want these in their collection...

Enjoy the artwork and the music! 





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