Jun 12, 2021

Bass Gangsters

In Japan


Can you see it? When I saw this image during a Google search I realised there was something "wrong", something missing... Were was that classic DM Records "CAUTION MEGA LOW BASS May Damage Speakers" banner?? You know, this one:














So after some more Googling that night it turned out this was (I know, yet another) Japanese release! Released by Dolphin Entertainmetn co, Ltd Japan. The same guys that brought us the "Feel The Bass" series. They did have a warning also, on the OBI:













Dolphin also did the "Old School Players" CD (maybe they did more but these are the ones I know off). I know we are all different, but I think they really look nice with the OBI strips... and the extra DM stickers ;-)











I also have anohter Japanese DM release; "Bass Sound Off U.S.A. Volume 3". This is not a Dolphin release however but AMERICANA.


I actually haven't opened this one yet, but what seem to be the major difference with the Dolphin releases is that the Americana CD seems to be the original US release. The Dolphin CD's have Japanese liner notes and a new catalog number:


While the Americana release still has the original US catalog number. So I think they simply added an OBI strip without doing more work on it...

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