Aug 10, 2021

Bass Ya Low - Erotica 2

Bass野郎 エロチカ 2




Man, I really don't know what they were trying to do here. Now for Volume 1 they hired some ladies to add a little moaning to the mix. It wasn't really "family car" friendly, but it was listenable. But the second volume right here sounds like some type of audio book? Just listen to what they did to "Vicious Bass - Number 1". That does NOT sound right lol...

"Magic City DJ's - Get into it". What a way to eff up some more dope scratching! :(
Luckily we have other things beside the music we can concentrate on. Like the lovely cover girls Shiho Hoshino and Yui Minami. Both are professional models and can be found in various magazines and videos. In the liner notes of the booklet you can find all the details about them, as well as a cut out poster.


So as you might have noticed, I enjoy doing a little digging here and there. As an extra bonus to this post, I found a copy of the "Weekly Playboy" from the same year as this cd release (1998). It has a feature shoot with  Yui and Shiho so we can see it as extra material to Bass Erotica 2. Enjoy the shoot as you listen to the girls taking a shower...




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