May 10, 2012

Alien Bass - The Drop Phenomenon

It's Debonaire music!

Yet another bass bomb unconceived, unproduced and unmixed by the staff at Debonaire Productions with highway sample robbery by the Faceless Italian. This is an incredible (electro)bass cd filled with sci-fi themed tracks like "Close encounterz", "Flying saucerz", "ET... phone home", "Debonaire's UFO" and many more. You even get version 2 of Dynamix II 's classic "Arrival of bass"!

III. The arrival of bass (V 2.0)

Not bad huh? Here's another banger:

XII. Evacuate immediately

GOOD SH#T!! But what did you expect?? It's IBP!!!!

What? You want to listen to some more alien bass? OK. I understand. Take a look HERE.

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