May 20, 2012

Bass Maximizer

Ein Spitzen-Klangerlebnis!

This is supposed to be a high end sampler with ultra deep subbass down to 15 Hz that can push your car hifi system to the extremes; hitmaterial guaranteed!


Yeah right!! ^^ I'll take a Bass Mekanik cd instead of this one ANY day if I want to test some speakers! 

Out of 10 songs I couldn't find one good one! 

OK, I really want to put something here so let's give this one a shot then:

05. Listen to me

But it's not all bad. From the inlay we can learn which items we need in order to listen to Dolby Surround Sound!

And since they were so proud that John Patitucci, the American bass legend plays bass guitar on bonus track 10, I just CAN'T exclude it from my blog!

10. Bass trap (Bonus track)

If this made you warm to hear some more United Sound cd's, here are their other releases:

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