May 18, 2012

D.J. Fury - Competition Bass

Return of da king

This was Fury 's return to the bass game in 2006. A really great cd. I'm sure most of you, just like me, are waiting and hoping for his re-return in 2012 but for now we can still enjoy this one. Take a listen, just the intro alone is fire!!

I think you get the picture? Now I don't want to post too many songs because like the man said, you should go to WWW.DJFURYONLINE.COM and get your own copy, but here's another banger to get you convinced:

09. Whose bass is this

All tracks produced, arranged, engineered, edited, mixed and mastered by D.J. Fury for Furious Productions.

 I also have this cover:

"Yeah right! That's the same but in black and white!" you're gonna say. Well, that's right, but what actually makes it cool is that it came with this cd:

"Compitetion bass" by DJ Fury & K $mooth

It's the same thing but released by K $mooth (who wrote and performed the main rap vocals on "Competition bass") via Listen to K $mooth go to work:

11. Flippin doors

OK, one last song, maybe my favorite of the album, but after that, when you want to hear more, you'll have to go to DJFURYONLINE, ok?

13. Old school bass

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