Aug 26, 2012

Afro-Rican - "Against All Odds"

Special thanks to Luther Campbell and all the staff at Skyywalker Records

That's right, this was released in the good old days of Luke Skyywalker records. Afro-Rican's debut cd; Rahming, DJ Slice and M.D. Rock at their best. Featuring the remix to their CLASSIC (with capitals) hit "Doggy style".

Want to learn more about Afro-Rican? You do? Cool, then I advise you to head over to the BASSIPEDIA and check out the extensive article PappaWheelie wrote about these guys.

Now if you're a collector you should try and find this vinyl. A Hip Rock promo release of "Against all odd's" on red wax!


Give it all you got!

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